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ClubSport's Top 5 Favorite Hikes Around San Jose

In our opinion, one of the best ways to stay healthy outside of the gym is to go on a hike. Not only does it compliment your effort at the gym but it’s also a great way to spend time with family and loved ones. So here you have it, below are some of our favorite escapes/hikes. Enjoy! 1. Saddle Loop Trail: This trail is a short 3-miles but don’t let that fool you. The trail is steep but not as steep as Mission Peak, yet it gains an elevation of 236 feet from the ground. From the top of this trail, you get wonderful views of the San Francisco Skyline, Sutro Tower and the East Bay. Once you’ve seen the view from the top, the trail loops itself back to the parking lot. On the way down, you will get to see a lot of greenery and also wildlife. Difficulty: Easy to Medium. 2. Joseph D. Grant County Park: This park is situated in the San Jose hills, up Mt. Hamilton Rd. It is known for the beautiful birds that flock around the park and also for the historic bridges located onsite. This trail is a 10.1-mile loop around and elevates from 1,532 feet up to 3,000 feet. The scenes from the summit are gorgeous and offer different types of landscapes. We would recommend this trail as a step under Castle Rock because it is easier to get to, yet the views are by far some of the best in the Bay Area. Difficulty: Medium 3. Castle Rock State Park: This park is situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Castle Rock offers sweeping views of the mountainous region that is the Santa Cruz Mountains. From the peaks, you can easily see ocean views and miles of lush greenery. There are multiple trails here that vary in distances, some go as far as 9.1 miles and some other loops are as short as 3 miles. The elevation also increases drastically from 787 feet to 3,179 feet above sea level! And although it could get steep at times, it's one of our favorite trails because it's mostly shaded and could be hiked during all seasons. Difficulty: Medium to Hard 4.Mission Peak: This is a 6-mile challenge designed for those people that want a beautiful view of the Bay Area. But we will say Mission Peak is not for the faint-hearted. There is no hiding from the sun on this hike, while the landscape and views are beautiful, there are hardly any trees. At an elevation of 2,135 feet above sea level, you can see almost all of the Bay Area. If you are going to attempt this hike, we would highly recommend bringing lots of water and to start as early as possible to avoid the heat. This trail will typically take 2-4 hours, depending on your speed and how many breaks you take. Difficulty: Hard 5. Almaden Lake Trail: This is a 2-mile trail on the beautiful Almaden Lake which is an easy flat and level trail going from Almaden Lake to inner Almaden. The trail is not as scenic as the other ones we mentioned but is a nice leisurely walk that is easy on the feet. Almaden Lake is situated in South San Jose near the entrance to Almaden Valley. It has a lot of greenery and shade to protect you from the sun but you will have to turn around in order to go back to the start of the trail as there is no way to loop around. Difficulty: Easy

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