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How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

No matter how you slice it, working out is work (hence the derivative of the name). Sometimes, it’s hard work. Most of us would rather spend time reading a book in front of the fire with a cat on our lap, or catching up on our favorite Netflix show than working out. There are so many steps involved: getting dressed, driving, finding parking, arriving early for a group fitness class, doing the class, getting sweaty, driving home, cooking food because you are now starving, and taking a shower because you smell. It’s time that adds up, and eventually can wear you down.

Club Sport in San Jose is a gym facility that aims to make the whole working out process easier. We offer everything you’ll need under one roof so you can maximize the precious minutes of your free time, while still getting a great workout in. From swimming pools to gym equipment and personal training, we aim to make your life easier. Still, burnout from working out is a real fight that you need to win if you are to maintain your health. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to stay motivated to keep working out. Visit us today!


  • Make it a routine. Every day, you get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed for work, go to work, do work, and return home to your family and a wagging tail. You don’t even think about it; you just do it. This is what you need to do with your fitness routine. Pick a time you like to workout, and then make it routine.
  • Change it up. If you go to the gym and do the same exercise circuit every day of the year for 365 days, you’re going to experience burnout. There are so many more exercises you can choose from to vary your routine, from swimming to group fitness classes to outdoor activities, such as running and biking, that having something new to look forward to can be motivation enough. Furthermore, your body needs routine in exercises in order to invoke change. Doing the same thing every day with the same weight is, in all honesty, a waste of your time.
  • Drag a friend along. Exercising with others offers so many benefits. For one, you’ll have an accountability partner who will be very disappointed if you don’t show up when you said you would to the gym. Furthermore, you’ll exercise at a higher level due to the fact you don’t want to be the slacker in the corner. Plus, it’s just fun to work up a sweat with a loved one and then enjoy an amazing recovery smoothie at Club Sport’s Citrus Fresh Market.
  • Have a goal. Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking to run a 5k in a few months? Do you want to be able to swim a full length of the swimming pool without stopping? When you have a tangible and quantifiable goal to reach for, exercise motivation then becomes intrinsic.
  • Invest in personal training. Sometimes, it’s hard to find friends who will support you. Instead, you can invest in personal training sessions with a professional who will hold you accountable and won’t let you slack off your fitness goals. He or she will keep you moving with correct form and motivated when you don’t want to get up and go to the gym. After all, you’re paying for it, and you don’t want to waste money. Club Sport in San Jose offers amazing certified personal trainers who will create a workout routine tailored to your desires and goals.
  • Get a tracking device. Sometimes all you need is a buzz on your arm to remind you to get up and move. However, a fitness tracking device, such as a FitBit or a Garmin, will show you so much more. It’ll tell you your heart rate during the exercise session, how many calories you burned, and track this every day and every month. You can even invite family and friends to compete against.
  • Reward yourself. A lot of us exercise to lose weight. When you meet one of your fitness goals (no matter how small), celebrate. Treat yourself to a movie out with friends and indulge in some popcorn, or go out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Sometimes the reward itself is motivation enough to stick it out.


Club Sport in San Jose understands how hard it is to stick to your fitness goals. Life can be so busy with kids, work, and the unexpected events in life that crop up, like your mother-in-law showing up unexpectedly to see the grandkids. We’ve done our best to have everything you need to make working out easier. Take a group fitness class while your kids are in swim school. Grab a smoothie or a snack when your workout is done, saving you time after your workout. Get a massage or a facial at The Spa to unwind from your busy day. Or reserve a birthday party spot for your child.

Club Sport aims to create a fitness community by periodically offering fitness workshops and events, as well as wellness seminars so you can learn more about health and wellness. Offering kids camps and events for teens, we want to be your family destination that keeps you motivated and eager for more. Club Sport is the best gym facility in San Jose. Contact us today, and give us a try for free!

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