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Summer Safety Tips For Outdoor Fun

Summer is equated with freedom. Freedom from the constraints of four walls that seem to be pressing in upon you as the days shorten. Freedom from those same four walls that hold monotonous classes you dream about escaping. Freedom from those same four walls that cage your creativity. Summer is a time for fun in the sun with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a time to romp in the pool, go on long mountain hikes, and lay on the beach all day long with your favorite summer read. However, amidst all this carefree fun, it’s prudent to exercise a bit of caution.

Club Sport in San Jose is an all-in-one fitness facility that offers fitness classes, swimming lessons for kids, kids camps, and personalized nutrition plans. Below, we’ll discuss some important safety tips to keep in mind when you’re out in the sun this summer. Contact us today to get started on a free week!


  • Drink water. Dehydration is a real threat as the thermometer rises. Staying hydrated is important to prevent heat stroke and other heat-related conditions. Furthermore, when you drink enough water, your body functions at a higher level, allowing you to play longer in the sun since your energy levels are maintained.
  • Wear sunscreen. Did you know that it takes as little as 10 minutes of being in the sun to get a sunburn? Any time your skin absorbs enough sun energy to burn, you increase your risk for skin cancer.
  • Wear bug repellant. There are some nasty diseases that can be caught from insects, including malaria, West Nile disease, and Lyme disease from ticks. Wear bug repellant at the twilight times of the day (dawn and dusk), when you frolic in tall grass, and when you sit outside at night to watch the stars come out.
  • Go with friends to the pool. Each year, too many kids drown in swimming pools (800 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Pool safety is critical to having fun in the sun. Never swim alone, and adults should not mix alcohol with swimming, especially if they have their kids with them. One of the best ways to stay safe at the pool is with swimming lessons. Club Sport in San Jose offers swimming lessons for kids of all ages. As part of swim lessons, we teach water safety as well, such as what to do if you’re caught in the deep end with no one around. If you go to any source of open water, wear a life vest whether you’re an adult or a kid. There are too many unknowns in lakes and rivers to take the chance.
  • Take care at the playground. Falls are one of the most common accidents in the summer. Any high place affords danger. Hence, watch out for sharp edges on playground equipment, and stay away from the edge of balconies.
  • Wear a bike helmet. For kids, helmets are important because they are prone to fall. For adults, helmets are important because they are prone to get hit by vehicles. Bike helmets protect your brain and protect from events outside of your control.
  • Stay together. Theme parks and fairs are fun activities, but you can easily become lost in a crowd. Nowadays, most kids over the age of eight have a cell phone. However, it’s a good idea to stay together and find an adult if you get lost.

Many of us live for summer. It’s more relaxed. Time is less structured. And there’s so much to do outside that you’re never bored. However, because we are more active, we can be less prone to pay attention to the environment around us, which leads to accidents. Accidents happen; however, we can do our part to minimize their occurrences, and when they do happen, to make sure they are minor in nature.


Club Sport in San Jose loves the summer months. We offer kids camps where we are fortunate to hang out with your kids. We get to spend long days full of crafts, hanging out at the pool, playing games, getting social, and learning all at the same time. We pack your child’s day with physical activities to strengthen their bodies and minds, critical thinking exercises for challenges, and numerous creative projects. We want to engage your child and have fun.

During the summer, we still offer all of our great programs at Club Sport. Group fitness classes, nutrition plans, and personal training are hallmarks of Club Sport in San Jose, and we encourage you to still be active in the busyness that summer can bring. Relax and unwind with yoga, fuel up at Citrus Fresh Market, and get beautified at The Spa. Club Sport in San Jose is here for you all summer long. Be careful. Be safe. Contact us today for a free week!

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