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Why Everyone Needs a Personal Trainer

You know your way around a gym and you’ve got an app that tells you what to do when you get there. Why should you spend money on a personal trainer? Learn the latest techniques and improve your form. Admit it, even though you aren’t a total newbie, you aren’t as obsessed with fitness as the people who do it for a living. Personal trainers eat, breath, and sleep fitness. They talk about fitness with their friends. They listen to the podcasts and they subscribe to the YouTube channels that only a trainer could find interesting. They know things that you don’t, and they’re going to watch you like a hawk to make sure your form is perfect. Push you farther than you’d go alone. There are times in every workout we hit a wall. When you’re working out alone you might be tempted to call it a day and hit the showers early. A personal trainer, however, knows when you can power through one more set. You may not like him/her very much at the moment, but you’re going to love them the next time you go clothes shopping. Everyone needs guidance. Coaches focus on helping clients find their own answers, rather than just providing the answers. While psychologists and therapists help clients understand how the past is influencing the present, coaches focus on the present and help the client move towards the future. Coaches do not make diagnoses and may recommend that clients seek a psychologist or therapist for treatment, if appropriate. Clients think that having a coach can help them move to a new place in their lives, and help them make changes happen. Having a coach is particularly powerful when a client has decided to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of his/her life. Gym or happy hour? At the end of the workday, meeting friends for drinks usually sounds more appealing than working out. When you know a trainer is waiting for you at the gym, you’re more likely to go. There are some days when only accountability will get us in the door. Results. Guess what doesn’t happen when you work out with a trainer – plateauing. A trainer is going to notice your plateau and they’re going to know how to get you past it. That means every hour you spend at the gym will be an hour filled with gains. Ready to take the next step? ClubSport San Jose can help you get there by connecting you with a talented, knowledgeable, experienced trainer who will help turn your goals into accomplishments. In fact, check out our monthly promo. We're making it easy for you to crush your fitness goals!

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